Design process

It's a one woman show! I do everything from the buying of the components to the designing. Everything is made in my apartment in Brossard...Usually at night after a day of work, next to my very understanding husband.

I'm very inspired by components themselves and finding a way to place them together in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to me. It's a puzzle I never get tired of trying to figure out. I am currently working on learning how to solder to make more customized pieces, but it is a slow process and more to come of that later.

I buy components locally when possible to try an reduce my ecological footstep. If you are a jewelry maker it is very possible we will run across each other somewhere in Montreal.

Why plated components? I want the jewelry I make to be affordable to everyone while keeping the quality at a certain level. I want the pieces I make to be able to take part in your everyday life.